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Flat weave Rugs

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  1. Brighton 98122-6000

    £69.99 - £219.99

  2. Patio PAT16 Deco Ivory

    £71.20 - £287.20

  3. Halsey Natural

    £79.20 - £279.20

  4. Soumak Straw

    £111.20 - £519.20

  5. Anya 01 Natural

    £139.00 - £379.00

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5 Items

Traditional Kilims, Flat woven Loops and Cotton Chenille's.

Kilims are generally coarse, flat, hand woven rugs, produced since the fourth or fifth century, and were often used as prayer mats. It is unlikely that we will ever know the true origin of these beautiful rugs, but they have evolved over the years to become a part of modern furnishings that is both functional and decorative. The way in which a kilim is made is very different to how a pile rug is created. Almost all kilims are woven from wool for both warp and weft, although some will use wool for the weft material alongside cotton warps. Unlike other rugs, kilims lay completely flat thanks to the lack of vertical weave (pile): horizontal wefts are pulled downwards very tightly so that the vertical warps are completely hidden. Because of the nature of their design, kilims lend themselves well to geometric patterns with clearly defined sharp edges. Our flat woven Cotton Chenille rugs feature vintage patchwork designs from industry leader Louis de Poortere, faded and distressed to emulate vintage antique rugs.