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All rugs and carpets require specific care in order to keep their appearance and lengthen their lifespan.

There is minor but important differences in caring for machine made and handmade rugs, if done properly you can add considerable life to your rug.


Prevention is better than a cure as the saying goes, so we have compiled a list of ways in which you can prevent your rugs ever getting damaged:

Avoid your rug (and floors) getting dirty by protecting entrances to your home with dedicated barrier mats.
Consider a “no shoes ” policy in your home. This will also protect hard flooring and carpeted areas. (In many countries this is the norm)

If possible rotate your rug periodically to distribute the areas of heavy traffic.
Never place rugs on damp or wet floors

We also recommend the use of a rug underlay to prevent colour transfer onto existing floor coverings and hard floors, rucking problems and tripping hazards on hard flooring.

Some rugs have manufacturers care labels attached when purchased so you should always read and follow the supplier’s guidelines and recommendations.


Regularly vacuuming your rug is fundamental in prolonging the life, preventing premature wear and ensuring your rug retains its appearance, in busy areas we recommend daily vacuuming.


With these rugs suction-only type of vacuum should be used. You should never use a beater bar on the surface of these types of rugs.If you are using an upright vacuum with a beater action ensure the brushes are on the highest setting and just skimming the surface of the rug. Extra care is needed at the edges of the rug by using delicate tools or a soft hand brush.

Handknotted rugs should occasionally be placed pile side down,vacuum the back of the rug , turn pile up and re vacuum,this loosens ingrained dirt particles from the base of the pile and will extend the life and appearance of the rug. Fringes can be straightened out by hand with a comb or soft brush or with the use of the vacuum tools using a single motion away from the rug.


For shaggy rugs shake the rug to loosen any grit or loose fibres and by using tools on the lowest setting it will help to minimise the excessive shedding usually associated with these types of rugs, especially the felted wool fibres.


These types of rugs with a cut pile should be vacuumed with cleaners that have beater bars or brushes. This will keep the pile upright and loosen any grit in the base of the pile.

Periodically, the rug should be turned pile down and the back of the rug should be vacuumed with an upright cleaner. The beater bar set low to loosen any grit in the pile. The rug should then be turned the correct way and vacuumed as above.

Natural Fibre, Sisal . Viscose ( aka art-silk or bamboo silk ) .Loop Pile Rugs

For these rugs a ’suction only’ type of vacuum should be used. It is important to never use a beater bar on the surface of these types of rugs.Natural plant fibre rugs react badly with moisure and should never be over wetted ,even clear water can stain these types of rugs.


Firstly, you should NEVER RUB OR OVERWET the surface pile of a rug.

The correct way to approach a spillage or mark is to blot the area with a clean, absorbent cloth or white paper towel. Try not to make the spillage area larger.

Secondly, you should scrape up any excess spillage with a blunt knife or spatula.

Before using any cleaning products on your rug, you should always ’spot test’ the rug to ensure the solution you are using will not damage or bleach the fibres of the rug. Washing up liquid, abrasive cleaners or caustic solutions (including some carpet cleaning products) contain bleaching agents and these can damage the pile of your rug, so it’s important to find the correct cleaning solution.


Smells are caused by dyes, yarns, adhesives and shipping for long distances in sealed packaging.

Rugs transported by sea are particularly susceptable to having a strong musty or damp odour when first opened.

Most odours will vanish within a week once the rug is removed from its packaging and aired sufficiently.

Proprietary fabric sprays and odour removers can be very effective way of speeding up the process.

Always spray the back of the rug and not the pile surface.


Vacuum regularly. Vacuums with beater bars or rotating brushes are not recommended.

Avoid pulling yarn knots out of surface pile, trim with sharp scissors to pile height.

Always use a professional cleaning service. Consumer self-cleaning methods are discouraged. Rugs can easily stain and yellow with improper cleaning chemicals.

Viscose is a more delicate fibre than wool and is susceptible to staining. Water/ liquid spills change the texture of the viscose, causing the pile to reflect light differently to give the appearance of a stain.


It is important to deal with any spills quickly, blot up any excess liquid using paper towels, do not rub or brush the pile.

For spills, blot the affected area with white paper towels or a clean white terry cloth towel. Moisture will weaken the fiber, and rubbing could then cause breaking or damage.

After blotting stains, groom by combing the face of the rug in the direction of the pile with a soft brush. The pile may look flatter and more reflective afterward.

Once the stained area is dry, re-brush the fiber to regain original texture.

For all stains and general cleaning we recommend you consult a professional carpet cleaning company straight away.

They should recommend that the entire rug, and not just the spill area is cleaned using a dry extraction rather than a wet cleaning method.


With natural yarns and dyes there is a good chance your rug will fade over time. However, it will be likely to fade faster in direct sunlight so in order to even out the effects, and to balance wear, we recommend you turn your rug every couple of months.


We recommend the use of a non-slip underlay with your rug. This reduces the potential for trip hazards by minimising slippage. It also helps to avoid additional wear, provides heat insulation, improves sound dampening, and reduces any possibility of colour transfer from your rug to the floor surface beneath.


It is completely normal for cut pile rugs and carpets to shed excess fibres when new, the loose fibres are created during production when spun yarn is cut for tuft formation. These fibres fall into the pile and appear as "fluff",  shedding will eventually subside in time. The time will be dependant on the amount of maintenance and traffic the rug is subjected to. A daily maintenance regime when the rug is new will reduce the amount of fluff on the surface of the pile and also help with long term appearance. Although the amount of fluff removed may seem excessive the fibres are a very small fraction of the total fibre contained in the rug, removal of these loose fibres will not be detrimental to rug in any way. Generally speaking wool will shed more than other fibres, although high quality handknotted rugs tend to shed the least due to the quality of the wool and the washing process used. Shedding is not the same as sprouting, see below for details.


Especially noticeable on hand-tufted rugs, long threads, tufts or high loops may appear above the pile surface, these can be trimmed to the pile height with a sharp pair of scissors without being detrimental to the appearance or wearability of the rug in anyway whatsoever. Occasionally the odd tuft may come loose from the pile surface on hand tufted products this is quite normal when new and will not be detrimental to the appearance or wearability of the rug.


On opening your rug for the first time, you may have creases and what appear to be darker or lighter bands running across the rug. If the creases are severe roll the rug with the pile facing outwards and leave in a warm area for a couple of hours, prior to laying on the floor. The creases may take up to a couple of weeks to drop out depending on the temperature of your room, amount of traffic and frequency of vacuuming. Sometimes a single line can be seen at only one edge of the rug where the edge of the rug has distorted the pile, this will disappear with time, accelerated with more frequent vacuuming or brushing.

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