Choose Rugs by Size or Shape

The Shape and Size of Your Rug Unifies the Space as an Anchor for Furnishings.

Deciding the shape and size of your rug can sometimes be the best place to start when choosing a new rug. Today's manufacturing processes offer a huge choice of programmed sizes in a mind boggling choice of styles, colours and designs from small hearth rugs to oversized rugs for large spaces. Determining which size would suit your requirements can be a daunting task, try using tape, or sheets of newspaper taped together to get an idea of the size that will work in your room. With the increased popularity in hard flooring we find customers are more inclined to buy larger rugs, as placing the rug under the feet of sofas and chairs creates a defined living space in a room. Leaving space around the rug in the middle of a room can add a pop of colour, an interesting statement piece or soft texture.