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Rugs are "not one fits all", a lot depends on where the rug will be situated, how much traffic or spillage it gets. does it need to be thin or thick and what your expectations of the rug will be and how much you are prepared to pay. Although there are differences in weaving techniques which will affect the durability, suitability and price of the rug. The single most important factor that determines these factors is the type and quality of materials used in the pile and backing. One material is not necessarily better than another for all situations. A high quality man made fibre will out perform a low to mid range wool rug at a cheaper price, although a top quality wool will keep its long term appearance better than any other fibre. But a good quality heat set polypropylene will be much better for areas where spillage is an issue. The price is usually a good indicator of yarn quality. Shop our rugs by material.