Module 9210 yellow meyer retro style rug

Module 9210 Yellow Meyer

sultani handknotted afghan rug in blue

Sultani 295x206

Ersari 230x164

The Ersari is one of the most important Turkoman tribes, its people are considered among the best weavers of the 24 clans with the most specialist and smallest clans being Ersari and Tekke. Originally nomadic, these proud people are mostly settled in Northern Afghanistan in the area bordered by Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. These fine rugs are dyed using traditional natural vegetable dyes and then hand knotted in Northern Afghanistan before being transported over to Pakistan where they are expertly finished including washing and trimming. The iconic gul design remains traditional, however in the last few years they have introduced a wider range of colours. These beautiful oriental rugs are made using 100% hand spun wool on a traditional cotton warp with a dense 8 mm thick pile. In 1sqm of an Ersari rug there would be around 150,000 + knots which bearing in mind the unique quality of wool yarn allows for a fine density and lower pile to best showcase the pattern.

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Rug Underlay 

We recommend the use of Teebaud anti-slip underlay with your rug.

This reduces the potential for trip hazards by minimising slippage.

It will prevent rucking, makes vacuuming easier, feels better to walk on, provides heat insulation, improves sound dampening, and reduces any possibility of colour transfer from your rug to the floor surface beneath.

See our Teebaud Anti-slip Underlay for more details

General Maintenance

Vacuum regularly, the heavier the traffic the more frequent you should vacuum.

Use a suction only type vacuum cleaner or tool attachments, vacuums with rotating brushes are not recommended as they can damage the edges of the rug. 

High Loops and Sprouting Tufts

Long threads, high tufts or high loops may appear above the pile surface.

These can be trimmed to the surrounding pile height with a sharp pair of scissors without any detriment to the appearance or wear ability of the rug in anyway whatsoever.

Stains and Spillage

It is important to deal with any spills quickly. If in doubt about how to treat a stain do not attempt to clean and let the stain dry.

Use a professional cleaning company or visit for suitable cleaning products for all rugs.

For fresh stains, moisten a clean cotton pad or white towel with cold water, wring it out and place on the stain. Leave in place until completely dry. Do not rub or dab the rug at this stage, as this may cause permanent damage to the surface. Never use soap.

For persistent or dry stains, treat as per instructions on

More Information
Origin Afghanistan
Brand Gooch Oriental
Brand Gooch Oriental
Construction Hand Knotted
Pattern Geometric, One of a Kind
Material Wool

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