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One of a Kind Oriental

One of a Kind Oriental Rugs

Add a statement to your floor with a beautiful hand knotted rug.

Simple tribal Gabbeh's, Persian village rugs or beautiful one off Zieglers, our One of a Kind Oriental collection features genuine hand knotted rugs made using traditional weaving methods by adult weavers, all pieces are unique and in stock for next day delivery, Monday to Friday. True hand knotted Oriental rugs have a distinguished history. Asian countries have been producing hand-woven rugs made from wool, cotton or silk for centuries, with beautiful hand-made rugs being traded in locations as diverse as Iran, China, Pakistan, India, Turkey and Uzbekistan. A rug found frozen in permafrost in a royal burial site in Siberia dated from 2,500 years ago! Scientists analysing the material discovered it was woven using techniques that craftsmen are still using to this day.

Items 1 to 24 of 42 total

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Items 1 to 24 of 42 total

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