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Imaginative, colourful and available in a great choice of sizes.

Rugs to make every living space in your home beautiful, adding colour, texture, cosiness and comfort. Choose from our carefully selected range of high quality wool rugs, modern contemporary designs from the some of the worlds most respected textile designers and the latest additions in our traditional rugs including a variety of stunning vintage and patchwork collections. Find individual styles at Rugstore NE, you are guaranteed to find the rug that suits your taste and is perfect for your needs. Grab a cuppa and browse our diverse section of high quality rugs by colour.

Rugstore NE

We offer a wide range of high-quality rugs at reasonable prices. No matter the shape, size, colour or style of rug that you seek, you will be able to find it in our collection. Choosing the right rug is the key to making your home’s interior look consistent, complete and co-ordinated. Depending on what type of furniture you already have in your home, you may be looking for a rug in a similar style to match it. Or, you may be planning a complete renovation and are seeking a brand new rug as part of your home’s new design. Either way, we promise that you can find the rug for you in our collection.

Complete Transformation

The instant and dramatic change to your environment that adding a new rug can bring cannot be understated. It is the perfect way to finish a room, and if you require a rug in a particular colour scheme, there is bound to be one that is suitable in our range. Our stock is handpicked and selected for optimum quality and style, and are manufactured to be attractive as well as hard-wearing. No matter your budget, Rugstore NE can help you find the rug to transform your interior.

Our Online Store

There is such a diverse range of rugs in our collection that we have organised them under categories, and you can go to the category you are interested in and browse relevant products. However, if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want, you may not know where to begin. There are lots of variables, and it is difficult to determine for certain which style of rug is perfect for you without knowing them all, but we have come up with some recommendations: 

  • If you want… something warm and cosy, something soft that feels great under your feet, or something perfect for relaxing on a cold day, take a look at our Shaggy Rugs and Rocks soft wool rug collections.
  • If you want… something modern and stylish, something with minimalistic, open and light patterns, take a look at our Scandi rug collection.
  • If you want… something antique and old-fashioned or something that has a distressed aesthetic (seemingly) after years of wear, our Vintage collection is likely to fit the bill.
  • If you want… something contemporary, or something that comes in a very wide range of colours, patterns and designs, our Modern collection boasts a large variety of beautiful modern rugs.
  • If you want… something with intricate classical designs inspired by historical Persian rugs, you may find what you need in our Classical collection.
  • If you want… something completely unique and lovingly hand-knotted, or inspired by the aesthetics of the Orient, our one of a kind Oriental collection won’t disappoint.
  • If you want… to create the illusion of space and make your room look bigger, our collection of Large and oversized rugs is worth browsing.

Alternatively, you can view our wares by colour using the menu at the top of our website. This is an especially handy tool if you have an established colour scheme, and are looking for your rug to match it.

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