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Traditional Rugs

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  1. Taza TA02 Ochre

    £71.20 - £207.20

  2. Noble Art 6529-790

    £89.99 - £710.00

  3. Rocco RC05 Mustard

    Save 59% £231.20 £95.00

  4. Kamala DS503 Yellow

    £115.00 - £639.00

  5. Knox Ochre

    £167.20 - £463.20

  6. Medallion 9062 Grey Yellow

    £379.00 - £1,363.00

  7. Medallion 9145 Spring Moss

    £379.00 - £1,363.00

  8. Heriz 8704 Amir Gold

    £399.00 - £1,638.00

  9. Overdyed Gold

    £495.00 - £1,495.00

Set Descending Direction

14 Items

Classic Persian Designs, Tribal Rugs and Vintage Antique Style Rugs.

Traditional rugs are amongst the most impressive and fetching of all types of floor covering available. The gloriously intricate patterns are inspired by designs that have been handed down over the centuries, choose a rug from our Classical Collection for a refined look that will have instant impact in your room. Emanating from the most humble origins amongst nomadic tribes people in Central Asia. The early Tribal rug designs were woven from memory and had a simple charm that is still highly collectable today. As trade has flourished over the ages, the craftsmen who were producing beautiful hand-woven rugs in Afghanistan, India, Persia and many other locations found new markets for their rugs. These beautifully wrought examples of decoration were soon in high demand from the great houses and royal palaces of Europe. Once highly prized by European emperors and kings, in modern times they are the floor covering of choice for many an astute interior designer. The new trend today for a more Vintage  look has been used to great effect by designers and homeowners alike.