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Sisal and Jute

Sisal and Jute

Natural and organic, woven from carefully selected plant fibres

Our Sisal and Jute rugs will add a calming atmosphere to any room in the home, neutral tones with or without borders. The fibres used to manufacture Sisal rugs are extracted from the Agave Sisalana plant, found in Mexico, Brazil and East Africa. Sisal is versatile and very robust, making it an ideal choice for hard ware areas. The rugs themselves come in a variety of rustic colours, incorporating a series of plain grainy textures, offset with more strikingly coloured borders, such as dark red or black. These rugs are perfect for that rustic interior, with naturally occurring irregularities expect to see snags and slubs in the weave adding character and individuality to each piece with a homespun look. Sisal rugs represent exceptional value for money. While these rugs are extremely robust and hardy, we would always recommend that you use an anti-slip rug underlay for added protection and to prevent any staining of your existing floor coverings. Although Jute is very durable it should not be used in areas of high humidity or moisture such as bathrooms.

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