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  1. Lunar LUN1 Purple

    £349.00 - £1,499.00

  2. Ankara Global ANR05 Multi

    £119.00 - £540.00

  3. Plush Purple

    £151.20 - £911.20

  4. Galleria 63455-9616

    Save up to 10% £76.50 - £494.99

  5. Blox Heather

    £167.20 - £479.20

  6. Blade Heather

    £167.20 - £847.20

  7. Nimbus Heather

    £167.20 - £471.20

  8. Nova NV08 Antique Fushia

    £79.20 - £223.20

  9. Galleria 63699-6626

    Save up to 10% £125.99 - £368.99

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15 Items

The colour of royalty, purple can infuse warmth into your home.

Deep aubergines, warm plum and berry tints or soft lavender, violet and delicate lilacs, you are sure to find the perfect shade in our range of rugs, available in great choice of styles and sizes. We stock a tremendous variety of purple rugs. Many of our rug styles benefit from being faithful recreations of classic Persian and European designs, produced by Nourison. Woven in the finest of New Zealand wool, these rugs are highlighted with intricate designs, ensuring that the bold patterns remain outstandingly vivid, even after any degree of wear and tear. The ancient rug making techniques once used by craftsmen continue to be pursued in today's workshops, with specially developed manufacturing methods creating comfortable rugs with high density piles. Whichever one of our purple rugs catches your eye, we can guarantee that we have redefined luxury and beauty for handmade carpets.