Ankara Global ANR08 Navy Multi

Ankara Global ANR08 Navy Multi

Mehari Berber 23229-4268

Mehari Berber 23229-4268

Prismatic PRS15 Beige Multi

This contemporary floral rug design features abstract flower patterns in delicately ombre shades of beige, green, brown, and pink. The thick wool pile features sleek Luxcelle highlights, hand carved for exceptional depth, sheen, and texture, bringing stylish chic to any room in the home. Prismatic rugs are hand tufted using a 50/50 mix of high quality New Zealand wool and gently shimmering silk-like Luxcelle fibres with a dense 12 mm thick pile. All edges are hand finished in matching yarns. This enthralling, abstract collection features daring, 3D-like designs, and captivating colour palettes for an overall effect that is completely charismatic.

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Prismatic PRS15 Beige Multi 175x114
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Prismatic PRS15 Beige Multi 226x168
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Prismatic PRS15 Beige Multi 297x236
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Prismatic PRS15 Beige Multi 351x259
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Prismatic PRS15 Beige Multi 419x297
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Rug Underlay 

We recommend the use of Teebaud anti-slip underlay with your rug. This reduces the potential for trip hazards by minimising slippage. It will prevent rucking, makes vacuuming easier, feels better to walk on, provides heat insulation, improves sound dampening, and reduces any possibility of colour transfer from your rug to the floor surface beneath.

See our Teebaud Anti-slip Underlay for more details

General Maintenance

Vacuum regularly, the heavier the traffic the more frequent you should vacuum.

Suction only vacuum cleaners or tool attachments should only be used, vacuums with rotating brushes are not recommended as they can damage the fibres and edges of the rug. 

High Loops and Sprouting Tufts

Long threads, high tufts or high loops may appear above the pile surface, these can be trimmed to the surrounding pile height with a sharp pair of scissors without any detriment to the appearance or wear ability of the rug in anyway whatsoever.

Stains and Spillage

Luxcelle ( Viscose ) is susceptible to staining, and the appearance can easily be ruined if spills are not dealt with correctly. Water or liquid spills change the texture of the viscose, causing the pile to reflect light differently to give the appearance of a stain and yellowing of the fibre can occur.

It is important to deal with any spills quickly, blot up any excess liquid using paper towels or a clean white terry cloth towel, do not rub or brush the pile at this stage. After blotting stains, groom by combing the face of the rug in the direction of the pile with a soft brush. The pile may look flatter and more reflective afterward. Once the stained area is dry, re-brush the fibre to regain original texture. For all stains, we recommend a professional carpet cleaning service using a dry extraction method only. Do not " wet clean " viscose rugs using conventional cleaning products or machines with rotating brushes.

Visit for products and information on cleaning all types of rugs.


Expect moderate shedding.

More Information
Origin China
Brand Nourison
Construction Hand Tufted