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Find your Perfect Modern Rug.

Choose one of our modern rugs to add that perfect finishing touch to your home. At Rugstore NE you can browse our carefully curated collection and buy online using our secure checkout.

Contemporary rugs are the perfect choice if you are looking for flowing abstract designs or repeating geometric patterns. A carefully chosen abstract patterned rug will add an instant statement to your living room, available in a variety of fibres. Tribal inspired motifs and geometric patterns are the perfect partner for a Scandi themed room.

Choose natural wool fibres for a soft eco-friendly option. Manmade fibres for vibrant colour and easy to clean option.

 Neutral tones will blend with its surroundings and soften your interior. Bring bold primary colour options into your scheme, allowing you to find the perfect rug to create your dream room.

Don't discount the more traditional rug designs to create your perfect contemporary styling. Traditional Gabbeh and Berber rugs work amazingly well with modern interiors.

Modern rugs are available in a variety of fibres and constructions.

Wool is one of the oldest fibres used in rug making and prevails in high end qualities today. The fibre is naturally fire retardant and a good quality wool will last for many years in heavy traffic areas.

Modern wool rugs are available in hand knotted rugs, which is generally considered the very best weaving technique. Handmade rugs where the quality of wool can vary greatly depending on the source, using tufted or loomed in India. Machine woven rugs are usually made from good quality wool, New Zealand worsted yarns are preferred for a finer, soft finish.

Wool can also be blended with other fibres to create texture, lustre, and help performance. Contact us to find out more about choosing a modern wool rug.

Manmade fibres are used extensively today in rug production and quality varies greatly. Some fibres are excellent for dyeing, easy to clean and very resilient but not so good on appearance retention. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a rug for your home.

What type of flooring will your rug be on?

Some rugs lend themselves to different types of floorcoverings.

We would not recommend a chenille rug on top of a carpet with a soft underlay as the rug will not lay properly. However, chenille rugs are ideal for use on hard flooring.

How much wear will the rug receive?

A bedroom rug will generally get less wear than a living room or dining room rug.

Is spills and accidents likely?

Spillage or accidents with pets may be an issue, especially in Living room and Dining Room locations

How will the rug be maintained?

Will the rug be vacuumed regularly?

How much is your budget?

Your budget will ultimately determine the type and fibre content of your ideal rug.

A high-quality manmade fibre rug will outperform a low-grade handmade wool rug at the same price.

All these factors will have a bearing on the type and fibre we would recommend. 

Our expert sales team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the ideal rug for your home.

You will find detailed descriptions on all our rugs on each product page. The "general care instructions" tab will provide general care for that rug. Our customer service team will be happy to provide any additional information you require.

Our modern rug collection includes a great choice of size options. From small fireside rugs to extra-large rug sizes, ideal for open plan spaces.

To determine the size of the rug best suited to your needs.

Check the sizes available of your chosen design. Measure out the nearest size and mark on the floor with low tack masking tape. This will give you a good idea of how your rug will fit in the space.

Shop our modern rugs online today and enjoy free mainland delivery on every order.

Don't forget to order your anti-slip rug underlay, the ideal partner for your new rug. Our Teebaud rug underlay will stop rucking, slipping or tripping hazards, it works on hard flooring and on top of carpets.


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