What size rug underlay should I buy for my rug?

For an anti-slip rug underlay to perform correctly it should be 25mm shorter than the rug all around, this size excludes any fringes on the ends of the rug.

So if you have a rug 230cm x 160cm your rug underlay should measure 225cm x 155cm. The reason the underlay is better being slightly shorter than the rug size is to allow the edges to lie flat against the floor. This looks better and prevents a further tripping hazard.

Our Teebaud antislip underlay is availble in pre-packed sizes. Choose the nearest size to your rug, ie for a 230 x 160 rug you will need to purchase a 240 x 170 underlay. 

You can either precut the underlay using a pair of sharp scissors prior to laying the underlay in place, then roll the rug out over the underlay making sure to press out any creases.

Alternatively you can lay the underlay in place as per instructions in the packaging, place the rug over the underlay mark the rug with chalk, then roll up the rug and cut the underlay to size with sharp scissors and place the rug back down.


If you have any queries regarding antislip rug underlay please contact us on 0191 5492783 during showroom opening hours or email us on info@rugstorene.co.uk