How much does is cost to return a rug?

The cost to return a rug is dependant on three things the actual weight of the item, the volumeric weight or size or the item and the collection postcode.

You will need all this information to get an online quote.

The volumeric weight is the length x width x height of the packaged rug usually expressed in cm. 

Please ensure that any measurements you input are as the rug is rolled, therefore the dimensions for a rug size of 120x170cm would typically be 120cm x 15cm x 15cm

You can use any courier of your choice to return an item.

Prices can change on a daily basis, we would recommend that for smaller items to raise a quote with Evri, on a large item to raise a quote with Inter Parcel.

The prices below are fairly typical of courier charges within the UK but can be much higher depending on the courier and service required.

Upto 170x120 approx £15.00

170x120 to 230x160 approx £30.00

230x160 to 300x200 approx £50.00

Over 300x200 POA