Do I need an antislip underlay under my rug?

A good quality rug underlay is the best investment you can make when buying a rug.
Irrespective of the type of flooring your rug will be laid over, an appropriate rug underlay is essential for several reasons.
The primary purpose of a rug underlay is to prevent accidents due to the rug rucking, curling at the edges or moving which can cause slips and falls.
As long as you purchase the correct rug underlay it will keep your rug flat and in place on any type of floorcovering, even when using a vacuum cleaner.
It will protect hard flooring and vinyl flooring from day to day scratching or indentations from heavy furniture.
It will insulate your room from a cold floor in the winter.
It reduces noise and adds a softer cushioning effect to your rug.
It will extend the life of your rug and help retain its appearance, much like a carpet underlay with fitted carpet.
Finally a rug underlay with prevent colour transfer onto the floor covering beneath, this is most relevant with hand knotted Oriental rugs where dyes can easily transfer to the surface of the floorcovering.

So antislip rug underlay is good for you, good for your floorcovering and good for your rug. Buy our Teebaud antislip underlay online here.