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Sharp Geometric Patterns Enhanced by High Lustre Viscose.

Kingsley rugs are hand woven in India using silky high lustre viscose yarn with a dense pile. Each rug is expertly hand carved to create raised geometric designs, a contemporary palette of colours that are on trend for the fashion conscience rug buyer.

Viscose is a more delicate fibre than wool and is susceptible to staining. Water/ liquid spills change the texture of the viscose, causing the pile to reflect light differently to give the appearance of a stain. It is important to deal with any spills quickly, blot up any excess liquid using paper towels, do not rub or brush the pile. For all stains, we recommend you consult a professional carpet cleaning company straight away. They should recommend that the entire carpet, and not just the spill area is cleaned using a dry extraction rather than a wet cleaning method.

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