Traditional handknotted Kazak red rug on light oak floor

Kazak Red 200x147

traditional handmade blue kazak wool rug with cream border

Kazak Blue 147x94

Kazak Red 155x97

Central medallion with bold geometric motifs on a bright red field with a cream border, delicate highlights of blue and green. A one of a kind handknotted rug with an 8mm wool pile on a cotton foundation finished with a short 10mm intergral fringe. In 1sqm of a Kazak rug there would be around 90,000 -100,000 knots giving a low-density pile. Kazak rugs were originally made in the Caucasus region during the 1800s. Now the Afghan Hazara people in Afghanistan are continuing to weave these hand knotted works of art. The new generation of weavers in Afghanistan have embraced the colours, patterns and workmanship of the traditional Kazak rug weavers from the Caucasus. The original Kazak rugs were a type of Armenian rug woven in the region between Tiflis and Erevan that lie south of Caucasus. The original weavers were mostly Turkic nomads who arrived in the region at the time of the great westward migration of Turks in the 11th century and later settled here. Kazak rugs are not associated with any particular tribe. Instead, they are associated with the geographical areas in which they were woven. The Kazak rugs were generally made by the women of the communities using a hand-knotted technique that produced the very best quality. Kazak rug weavers are faithful to colour and design. The original designs were predominantly bold and typical with large geometrical motifs and figures upon abrash fields of magnificent green or red. The construction technique that was used ensured that the designs and colours were capable of withstanding more than half a century of wear and exposure. Scattered throughout the field are detached figures that included parti-coloured squares, diamonds and circles, crosses, medallions and disproportionate representations of animals, birds, trees and human beings.

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Rug Underlay 

We recommend the use of Teebaud anti-slip underlay with your rug.

This reduces the potential for trip hazards by minimising slippage.

It will prevent rucking, makes vacuuming easier, feels better to walk on, provides heat insulation, improves sound dampening, and reduces any possibility of colour transfer from your rug to the floor surface beneath.

See our Teebaud Anti-slip Underlay for more details

General Maintenance

Vacuum regularly, the heavier the traffic the more frequent you should vacuum.

Use a suction only type vacuum cleaner or tool attachments, vacuums with rotating brushes are not recommended as they can damage the edges of the rug. 

High Loops and Sprouting Tufts

Long threads, high tufts or high loops may appear above the pile surface.

These can be trimmed to the surrounding pile height with a sharp pair of scissors without any detriment to the appearance or wear ability of the rug in anyway whatsoever.

Stains and Spillage

It is important to deal with any spills quickly, NEVER rub a spill.

Blot up any excess liquid using absorbent paper towels or a clean white terry cloth towel.

For all stains, we recommend a Specialist cleaning service.

Visit for products and information on cleaning all types of rugs.

More Information
Origin Pakistan
Brand One of a Kind
Construction Hand Knotted
Pattern Tribal
Material Wool

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