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Vintage Style Rugs

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  1. Medallion 8261 Pink Flash

    Save up to 50% £274.50 - £512.50

  2. Medallion 8260 Scarlet

    £379.00 - £1,363.00

  3. Babylon 8546 Algarve

    £379.00 - £1,363.00

  4. San Rocco 89009-8009

    £69.99 - £119.99

  5. Blade Pink

    £167.20 - £847.20

  6. Verve VE11 Persian Pink

    £175.20 - £639.20

  7. Palazzo 9141 Borgia Red

    £389.00 - £1,409.00

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9 Items

Transform your Home, Beautiful Distressed and Vintage Rugs

Vintage style rugs have been one of the recent success stories in decorating trends across the globe and our new collections for this year see no let up in their popularity. The rugs have an intentional used look, giving the impression of a old antique piece that is timeless in its appeal. The designs are varied with areas of the pattern erased and added random stitching to emulate years of wear as with our Fading World Collection. Originally only available in high end qualities today's Vintage Style rugs can be a man made wilton quality such as our beautiful Loft Collection, flat woven cotton chenille from the masters of vintage, Louis de Poortere. For a more eclectic take on this trendy look try a patchwork design from our extensive Patchwork Collection, will plenty of choice in sizes and colours we are sure that you can find the ideal rug to transform your home.