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8951 Jacobs Ladder Coppertone Rug

ldp logoThe 8951 Jacobs Ladder Coppertone from Louis de Poortere is part of our grey & silver rugs collection.

Jacobs Ladder rugs are machine woven on jacquard Wilton looms by Louis de Poortere using 85% cotton chenille and 15% glossy polyester yarns. Over a century of skill and craftsmanship is woven into each rug with multiple layers of texture, distressed areas and intricate stitching detail to give a true vintage and aged appearance. Woven in a 3 mm thick flat weave construction, each piece is hand finished with reinforced corners. rug collection" href="/mad-men/">Mad Men is a new collection of “Vintage Sixties” rugs created by Louis de Poortere and inspired by the advertising men of Madison Av in the 1960's. The design stands for the uneasy but exhilarating climb on the social ladder. It is the way the advertising industry pictures society: More, better, higher, richer … But the climb can be tricky even if the rungs are glittering. Available in four standard size options, manufacturer recommends professional dry clean only.

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200 x 140 - 6'7 x 4'8


240 x 170 - 7'10 x 5'7


280 x 200 - 9'2 x 6'7


330 x 230 - 10'8 x 7'6


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