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Wool Rugs

Wool is still the fibre of choice for high quality rugs and carpets

The fibre is lustrous and soft yet hardwearing, inherently anti static and flame retardant, with excellent appearance retention qualities.

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Wool Rugs

If you are looking for high quality wool rugs, then Rugstore RE should be your first port of call. We stock an amazing range of wool rugs which are extremely durable and stylish. A classic example of popular wool rug would be our Aztec range. These drugs are hand tufted in pure pool, containing contrasting colours that zig-zag together to create a South American inspired design. Within the stripes are interwoven tones of reds and blues, producing an extremely eye-catching design that will be a wonderful welcoming and stylish focal point wherever the rug is located.

If you are looking for patterns which are bolder than stripes, we offer an outstanding range called Lila. These contain elaborate floral designs which are hand hooked in pure wool. The film has a dense loop pile in traditional Paisley and classic floral designs. The colour palette is exceedingly rich, with red, pink and blue blooms exploding across the rug in a vivacious display.

Modern Wool Rugs

As well as traditional South American designs and floral motifs, wool rugs are available in a stunning variety of contemporary designs. A classic example of this would be the Carre 84400. This rug is hand crafted in India, with a 15 mm thick pile of high quality pure New Zealand wool. The colours are exceedingly vibrant, creating a strikingly abstract design that sets this beautiful collection apart from other contemporary rug collections. The busy colour scheme consists of a series of geometric blocks in richly defined colour blends, congregating to form a dazzlingly colourful and contemporary pattern. This rug will form a strong focal point wherever you place it.

A supremely stylish and is available in our Realm Purple rugs. These involve a heavy hand-tufted construction in pure wool. This is a stylish rug featuring exquisite three dimensional hand-carving in a contemporary floral-inspired pattern. The end result is to create a quite unique and striking interior design that will set off any room to perfection. These highly textured drugs are available in three sizes: 150 x 90, 180 x 120, and 240 x 150.

The rugs achieve a perfect fusion of hard wearing material and soft and luscious comfort. But what really makes them attractive is the fact that this stunning array of intricately patterned rugs is very competitively priced.